Bear Family Album

For her 90th birthday, East Coast and West Coast Bears sent in pictures of present and past Bear family members. The pictures were mounted in a photo album and presented to her.

Ruth, Bob and Grand children
Great Grandmother Sarah Bear and Sherri
Charles McGriff and Mary Jean Bear at a park (black and white)
Charles McGriff and Mary Jean Bear in flower garden(color)
Louise, Donald and sister Isabelle in Florida
Donald and Marion (of Hayward CA), Louise and Ted (of Franklin PA) at Franklin House
Larry, Carol, Mary Ruth, Hank, Christine and Joyce of Sacrament Ca - Birthday out on the Links
Friend, Hank, Jennifer, Christine, Puzz, Carol, Joyce, Mary Ruth and Alan of Sacramento
Mary Jean, Mary Ruth, Baby and Carol
Hank, Alan, Jennifer and Christine
Christine and George
Puzz, Joyce, Christine, Allen of Sacramento Ca
Jennifer, Christine and Allen and flowers
Lila and Christine
Jennifer and Alan sticking out their tongues
Marion and Grandson Brian of Hayward CA
Great Grandma Mary and her Great Grandchildren Lila, Baby, Hanna, Ceci
Jennifer of Sacramento CA
Alan of Sacramento CA
Four Generations, Grandfather Jim, Baby Ceci, Dad Ed and Great Grandma Mary
David and Terresa's Wedding - Laura, Carmen, Ed, David, Terresa, Jim, Bob, Becky, Lila, Susan and Mary
Ed and Carmen's Wedding - Susan, Becky, Laura, Carmen, Ed, Jim, Dave and Bob - 1985 Berkeley CA
Ceci, Carmen, Lila and Ed in front of Mary Jean Bear's Condinium
Carmen's Family in Peru
Dave and Terresa's Wedding revisited - Concord CA
Great Grandma Mary and Great Grand Daugter
Ed and Carmen's Wedding outside with the whole gang - August 1985 Berkeley CA
Dave, Jim, Carmen, Ed, Susan and Bob cutting the cake
Donald of Franklin PA in Florida
Ceci, Lila, Gread Grandma Mary and baby
One of Mary Jean Bear's favorite places - Disneyland
Ceci and Lila with Santa Clause
David, Terresa and Charlie Bear of Pittsburgh CA
Easter in Sacramento CA - Becky, Jennifer, Alan