Photo Album of James Edward Bear (B-1938)

May 1953 Florida (Mary Jean Bear and James Edward Bear)

The following pictures were passed on to my dad after his mother Mary Jean (Grimm) Bear passed away. These pictures were scanned so they are much larger than the originals. It is amazing at some of the hidden treasures we found. Hope you enjoy them.

1938 James Edward Bear makes his big entrance. When you look at the original picture you can only see a baby carriage in a garden. It wasn't until it was scanned that you could actually see the baby in the carriage.

This might be Jim's second picture. Here he is being held by his Grandmother Grimm. Grandfather Grimm is in the picture too. Grimm's. This picture was taken in 1938, but what is also interesting is the back of the picture. Wonder if Bear photo service is related to us.

Only one year old here in the garden.

Circa 1941 (E. 17th in Oakland) with his brother Donald (Closeup). You can see the original with a view of the backyard.

Ready to join the Navy. Original Picture

In the backyard with long hair and a big smile

With his mom

Jim and his Uncle Clarence Grimm. This was a great find. We had no idea who was in the picture until it was enlarge by the scanning. Uncle Clarence was very special to him and you could tell by the expression on his face when he recognized who was in the picture. Unfortunately Uncle Clarence passed away when Jim was about 8 years old. The original picture is interesting. Notice the old cars in the background

Jim is in the Jr. High School Band, somewhere.

Back left to right - Dad, Aunt Ruth, Front Sally, Nancy and Susan

September 1953 - Mom and son on ship going thru Sue St Marie Locks on the Great Lakes. Took Canadian Pacific Railway thru the Canadian Rockies. Last year they had a totally open observation car on the back.

Mary, Isabell, Jim, Jack and Charles - September 1952 - Bradenton Florida.

Mary and son Jim - October 1953 Canada perhaps.

Jim at the largest open pit mine (copper) in the US - Utah. He got to ride on the engine Circa 1948.

Jim and his dad Charles on Fishing trip in Ensenada Mexico July 1954

Jim on Lake Erie Circa 1950. Looks like he is really moving eh? Actually he is on the edge of the dock and not moving at all!

James (can't be Jim all dressed up like that) with his Robert Hall Suit Circa 1951 Back yard 82nd ave Oakland.

Charles (his Dad) and Jim in front of a Pullman train. Charles was a Yardmaster for many years. Railroads runs in the Bear family.

Charles, Mary and and their son Jim in front of a Pullman train.

Mary and son Jim dad in front of Train.

Mary and son Jim at park in Salt Lake City Utah

Charles and son Jim at park in Salt Lake City

Charles and son Jim in front of a fountain.

Mary and son Jim on a street car in Salt Lake City. A closeup picture as well.

Jim on merry-go-round.

Mary, son Jim and Charles at a Indian Jewlry stand. Jim talked his dad into buying an Indian head dress and a drum which dissappeared shortly after.

Not sure what age, but he looks to be about 10. Pictured with his brother Donald, Mom and dad. His grandmother Sarah Bear and his Uncle Don behind her.

Jim 1957 - Freshman in College SF State (not NY like it says in the pic).

Jim joins the Boy Scouts - 12 years old (Circa 1950).

Just joined the Army.

Army Barracks - The Killers. At the time the army train using a rifle called the M1. The magazine of the M1 had a terrible kick back that often times caused injuries to the thumb. This injury became known as the "M1 Thumb". If you look closely at his thumb....

Italy 3 coins in a fountain - Rome.

Fred and Sadie Basset 1978 Pleasant Hill, California

Bob, Becky, Susan and Dave The children of James Edward Bear and Laura Alice (Gammel) Bear Circa 1979.

Becky, Susan and Dave 1979.